About Us

ITRACKGPS has over 30 years of combined experience in the field of electronic security.
Successfully managing and detecting market needs in residential, comercial, and automotive. ITRACK GPS INC. was born in 2015. We offer software with online support and professionals in the areas of customer service, billing, human resources, monitoring operators, installers, software experts, and telecom engineers.

Our company not only supplies tangible products in the area of electronic security, but also intangible values: knowledge, experience, training, consulting, and innovation for the implementation of a wide variety of projects in different areas of electronic security. 


Get covered with a 24/7 Alarm Sensor System installed to send you alerts in real time when areas of your vehicle are removed (trim panels are removed when attempting to locate or remove GPS equipment).


Get covered with a Anti-Jammer System (GPS jammers are commonly used to scramble cellular frequencies and prevent them from communicating correctly).


Get covered with a Backup System installed to prevent when an GPS scanner device is used (GPS scanners are commonly used to locate where GPS equipment is installed in vehicles). Each additional ITrackGPS system serves a very specific function in your vehicle and compliments any other ITrackGPS system installed.


Turn off your car remotely from your ITrackGPS app. Set your vehicle speed limit to prevent collision at high speed (not available in all car models). Share your vehicle’s location and provide customized access to unlimited brokers and unlimited vehicles you need to share with NO extra cost. Create a temporary link to share vehicle locations in REAL TIME, and provide quick (limited) access to your customers to track the vehicle location (commonly used to let your customer know the location when needed to deliver the vehicle). A lifetime service warranty for ALL GPS installed while service is/remains active. The app provides common tools like history reports, geofence alerts, speed alerts, etc. Our ITrackGPS app provides more than 100 tools and receives alerts in real time directly to your phone by SMS text message and email alerts.


Get covered with a Battery Source Protection System installed to prevent losing the vehicle’s location when the vehicle’s battery is disconnected or discharged.


ITRACK Products and Service Descriptions.

Backup Gps System

Get covered with a Backup GPS System specially installed to prevent when a GPS scanner device is used (GPS scanners are commonly used to find out where GPS equipment is installed in vehicles)